Welcome to my website. The hotel is here and the client is here, in case you want to know where I might be.

This website is based on a wiki, which means that it is in a constant state of evolution as I add pages, combine them, update content, and tweak the way it looks. It also means that on pages where you see an "Edit" link (up near the top) you can change the page yourself.

If you can't find something that really should be here, either email me (<robert AT cantab DOT net>) or leave feedback in my GuestBook.

Some pages of interest

If you can't find what you're looking for here, try TitleIndex or Google.

For techies only: My GPG keyID is 7449A2B2 (expires 2007-05-23) and if you'd like me to log in to your server here's my public SSH key. For non-techies who've made it this far: A GPG key is for sending me encrypted email that only I can read, and also for me to send you email that can be verified to come from me. If you create an account on your machine for me and put the SSH key into it, I'll be able to log in without us exchanging a password.

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